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FILMS: April 9-13

New York, New York

PHOTO: SarahTz
Remnants from the Ethiopian Civil War. 2015.

A One-Day


Journalists, peacebuilders and others will be invited to participate in a one-day Symposium to launch a conversation on peace, conflict and the media.

A Journalism


In partnership with the Pulitzer Center, a competition for journalists to win grants up to $20,000 for projects involving peace reporting. Applications due March 1.

A Week-Long

Film Series

In cooperation with The Global Peace Film Festival, a series of outstanding films on the subject of peace and conflict will be screened at different locations around the city.



A series of webinars, workshops and online conversations on topics such as telling the stories of child soldiers, the reporters’ experience of violence, and more.


Violence's share of the word's GDP


Increase in battle deaths since 2007


Number of Refugees in 2016


Spent per day per person worldwide on armed violence

Films: 4.9–14 2018

Symposium: 4.11.2018

The Times Center, NYC


War Stories Peace Stories

Symposium Agenda


Attendance at the Symposium is by invitation only. To request an invitation and be placed on our waiting list, please sign up below.

The Symposium Agenda is subject to change. We’ll be adding detail as we get closer to the event—including speakers, themes, topics and additional details.

Breakfast Reception

Registration and a chance to mingle over coffee with other attendees—including leading journalists, peacebuilders and members of the diplomatic community.

Opening Remarks

Keynotes speakers from the media and the peacebuilding domains will set the themes and questions we’ll be exploring over the course of the day.

Panel Discussions

A panel representing diverse perspectives and different experiences will take a deep dive into some of the challenges over covering violent conflict. Expect lively conversation from and lots of opportunity for questions and answers.

Lunch Break

A tasty lunch on site with opportunities to talk to colleagues and make new connections. Food for thought and fuel for the afternoon sessions.

Panel Discussions

Storytelling in action—a close look at coverage through a series of case studies with lots of opportunity for questions and for considering the unique challenges of covering war and peace.

Q&A and Conversation

An extended panel of diverse experts on stage and in the audience will share different approaches, raise interesting questions and lead us a deeper understanding of the dynamics of media coverage on peace processes.

Keynote & Closing Remarks

A final talk by a distinguished speaker will bring the themes of the day together and leave us inspired by the power of the stories we tell and the potential they have to create change and understanding.


Share a drink and refreshments with new friends and colleagues and debate the ideas of the day.

Film Series

Screenings: April 9–13

A selection of recent films on the topics of war and peace will be screened at different locations throughout the city April 9–13. Some screenings will be followed by talks with filmmakers, peacebuilders and journalists who have witnessed firsthand the events in these films.

Tickets will be available for purchase on this website in advance.

The program is curated by Nina Streich, Executive Director, and Kelly DeVine, Artistic Director, of the Global Peace Film Festival.

Bryanna Poulin, Iraq, 2007
Eoghan Rice, Syria 2013 Syrian refugee children
[- Benja -] Germany, 2015
John Pavelka, Panmunjom, (DMZ) 2010
Gigi Ibrahim, Egypt, 2011 Free Palestine
Afghanistan Matters, Lashkar Gah. Afghanistan, 2009

created by Spectrum Media and produced in partnership with Peace Direct

PHOTO: United Nations

“In an increasingly militarized world, it is imperative that we learn how to explain the concrete benefits of peace to a skeptical public. This initiative, linking media and peacebuilding experts, is exactly what we need to bypass the narratives of fear and turn peace into a subject that captures the public imagination.”

Melanie Greenberg, CEO, Alliance for Peacebuilding

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About Tickets and Invitations

Tickets will be available to the public in advance for all film screenings, but the Symposium is by invitation only. We’ll send an email explaining how to request an invitation to the Symposium once the program is finalized. Be sure to sign up if you want to receive that email. Please note that seating at the Symposium is limited. Preference will be given to reporters, news editors, and other members of the media and to active peacebuilders from the peacebuilding community.