Partner Profile: Peace Direct

War Stories Peace Stories is proud to partner with Peace Direct, an international organization based in London dedicated to supporting local people in efforts to end war and build lasting peace in some of the world’s most fragile countries.

Climate Change and Global Peace

“There is mounting evidence that climate change is creating the conditions for instability and poverty, two significant contributors to the outbreak of civil war and violence.” New research from the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) explores the role climate change in escalating conflict. Read more at: Hot-Headed: How Climate-Change-Induced Drought is Destabilizing Global Peace...

War Stories Peace Stories Films, Symposium and Public Conversations Planned for Spring 2018, in NYC

New Initiative explores how media coverage of violent conflict affects peace processes and outcomes. Spectrum Media of Somerville, MA has launched a new project exploring media coverage of war and peace. Created by Spectrum Media and produced in partnership with Peace Direct, War Stories Peace Stories includes a film series, a daylong Symposium and series […]