The Team

A Unique Collaboration Bringing Together Media and Peacebuilding


War Stories Peace Stories is a special project of Spectrum Media in partnership with Peace Direct.

Jamil Simon, the founder of Spectrum Media, has spent decades working with people in developing countries and the world’s conflict zones. As an award-winning documentary filmmaker, communications strategist, organizer and educator, Jamil has seen firsthand the potential that powerful storytelling has to influence peace processes.

Since the inception of this project, Jamil’s goal for War Stories Peace Stories has been to create greater understanding and appreciation for “peace” stories and to encourage reporters who may normally only cover conflict to also consider covering peace. “You don’t need to carry a gun to be a hero.” he has said. “There’s extraordinary drama in the work of peace.”

About Spectrum Media

Spectrum Media works at the intersection of media, education and global development.

Spectrum’s work—creating documentary films, public awareness campaigns, and multi-media communication programs—promotes innovation and change in radically different environments from post-earthquake Haiti and rural Malawi to top universities and the US State Department.

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About Peace Direct

Peace Direct is an international organization dedicated to supporting local people to stop war and build lasting peace in some of the world’s most fragile countries. Peace Direct believes that local people have the power to find their own solutions to conflict, and their mission is to help them to make this happen.

Visit Peace Direct for more information.

PHOTO: Steve Anderson
KIgali Sunrise


Jamil Simon, Executive Director
Donna DeAngelis, Executive Producer
Peter Agoos, Design Director
Mari Badger, Strategy & Communications Director
Elizabeth Bartle, Director of Partnerships and Fundraising
Kelly DeVine, Programmer, Film Series
Jeff Gomez, Director of Post-Event Content Dissemination
David Lander, Assistant to the Executive Director
Bridget Moix, Special Associate, US Senior Representative, Peace Direct
Nina Streich, Film Series Executive Producer
Emma Rose, First Assistant to the Executive Director


Interested in working with us? We offer internships and other opportunities. Email us with a description of how you would like to be involved along with a resume.

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Social Media Intern